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Made with Passion

One of the most well-known craftsmen in the greater Los Angeles area, Designs By Sebastian started with one passion, to create. That passion has grown immeasurably, and now our focus has shifted to combine the love of what we do with skills, techniques, and something that sets us apart, we give our clients what they want. 


Our Process

Every piece of jewelry is hand-crafted so the process can take 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of each piece. The more detail on a specific item, then the longer it takes. We use hand-carved wax or a CAD Program along with cutting edge 3D Computer printing to produce the highest quality jewelry available on the market.

  1. You order 

  2. We hand-craft your unique piece

  3. We ship it

  4. You look beautiful

Jewelry Making

About the founder of

Designs bySebastian

Hector has been designing and crafting jewelry for over 20 years. His custom craftsmanship skills allow him to create masterpiece after masterpiece of wearable art.  His works have been sought after by countless other craftsmen and those seeking the highest level of hand-crafted jewelry. Now you can own one of his highly sought after creations.  

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

Johannes Brahms


Ok, we got it. Thank you!

Bridal Jewelry



P.O. Box 6155
Burbank, Ca 91510-6155


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